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Fire hose fire extinguisher

The safety of the residents in Duluth and the surrounding communities is of the utmost importance to us at Fire & Industrial Sales Inc. We sell high-quality fire safety products to keep you safe when disaster strikes. All fire extinguishers come with a 6-year manufacturer's warranty to ensure your safety.


We have everything a firefighter needs to be prepared for the inevitable, including turnout gear and everything from helmets to bunker boots. We also sell nozzles in many sizes and the batteries you need for all your emergency exit lights.

Our products keep you safe

Badger brand fire extinguishers

• Dry chemical

• Carbon dioxide

• Halotron

• Water

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Adaptors for any use

• Fire hoses and hydrants

• Truck adaptors

• Commercial pump adaptors

• Quick disconnect adaptors

• Fire extinguisher covers and brackets

• Adaptors for fire extinguisher signs

Protecting Duluth and the surrounding areas since 1978